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Netherland Dedicated Servers

When your web site grows, you will need a VPS. When the site outgrows the VPS, you will require a Netherland Dedicated Server. With your own dedicated server, you are in total control of how you operate the server. You can choose the operating system, applications etc., choose to add more ram, more harddisk space and so forth! We provide full management services for all our dedicated server customers free of charge.
Our Dedicated Servers are connected to our redundant premium TIER II network for better connectivity and low latency, Our Backup Power Generators provides each server 100% uptime if datacenter face power problem.

Server PlansModelSpaceRamPortTrafficIPv4O.SControl PanelSetupP/M Price 
HP DL120 G6INTEL Xeon X3430250GB SATA II4 GB100 Mb50 TB Or 100 TB1 IpOptionalunixwindows24/48 H70 $Order Now
HP DL120 G6INTEL Xeon X3430 2x 1TB SATA II8 GB1Gbps50 TB1 IpOptionalunixwindows24 H95 $Order Now
Dell R210 IIINTEL Xeon E3-12301x 1TB SATA II8 GB DDR31Gbps100 TB1 IpOptionalunixwindows24 H125 $Order Now
HP DL120 G6INTEL Xeon X34304x 1TB SATA II16 GB1Gbps100 Tb1 IpOptionalunixwindows24 H125 $Order Now
Dell R210 IIlNTEL Xeon E3-12302x 1TB SATA II32 GB1Gbps100 TB1 IpOptionalunixwindows24 H150 $Order Now

Supporting Operating Systems