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Netherlands VPS

Our Netherlands VPS are powered by the common used software OpenVZ Controlled Panel.OpenVZ’s VIRTUALIZATION provides better performance, scalability, density, dynamic resource management, and ease of administration than the alternatives.

Our Linux offshore VPS plans can be the heart of your e-business. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art servers, fully redundant fiber network, and our team of linux specialists.

VPS PlansSpaceRamPortTrafficIPv4O.SControl PanelP/M Price 
Budget – KVM VPS50 GB512 Mb1Gbps2 TB1Optionalunixwindows30 $ AnnualyOrder Now
Basic VPS – KVM80 GB1 GB1Gbps10 TB1Optionalunixwindows15 $ P/mOrder Now
Advance VPS – KVM150 GB2 GB1Gbps10 TB1Optionalunixwindows30 $ p/mOrder Now
Professional VPS – KVM200 GB4 GB1Gbps10 TB1Optionalunixwindows40 $ p/mOrder Now
Basic VPS50 GB1 GB1Gbps5000 MB1unixOptional10 $Order Now
Advanced VPS100 GB2 GB1Gbps5000 MB1unixOptional20 $Order Now
Professional VPS100 GB4 GB1Gbps5000 MB1unixOptional 30 $Order Now


Supporting Operating Systems