Our USA VPS Hosting are powered by the common used software OpenVZ Controlled by SolusVM Panel.OpenVZ’s VIRTUALIZATION provides better performance, scalability, density, dynamic resource management, and ease of administration than the alternatives.

Our Linux offshore VPS plans can be the heart of your e-business. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art servers, fully redundant fiber network, and our team of linux specialists.

Flexible Terms

  • No setup fee, No contracts
  • Upgrade, downgrade any time
  • Billing is strictly per month, cancel any time


Openvz and KVM VPS PLANS


Budget OpenVZ Managed VPS

OpenVZ is not a full virtualization technology. You still get full root access however an OpenVZ VPS runs on a shared kernel and file system. Since the resources are shared, an OpenVZ VPS may be affected by an abusive neighbor on the same hardware. Further, an OpenVZ VPS offers inferior performance and lesser uptime than a KVM VPS.


Enterprise Grade KVM Managed VPS

KVM offers enterprise grade full virtualization. Every KVM VPS runs on its own dedicated kernel and file system. Hence it is not affected by another abusive VPS on the same hardware. Since it runs on its own dedicated resources, a KVM VPS offers high uptime and performance. tmzVPS offers managed KVM SSD VPS plans from $30/month and unmanaged KVM SSD VPS plans from $10/month.

Basic VPS50 GB512 MB1Gbps1000 MB1unixOptional10 $
Advanced VPS100 GB1024 MB1Gbps2000 MB1unixOptional15 $Order Now
Professional VPS150 GB3 GB1Gbps3000 MB1unixOptional 20 $Order Now
VPS - X1200 GB3 GB1Gbps4000 MB1unixOptional25 $Order Now
VPS X2300 GB4 GB1Gbps5000 MB1unixOptional30 $Order Now
VPS PlansSpaceRamPortTrafficIPv4O.SControl PanelP/M Price 
Basic Vps20 GB512 Mb1Gbps600 MB1Optionalunixwindows10 $Order Now
Advance VPS - KVM60 GB1 GB1Gbps1000 MB1Optionalunixwindows15 $Order Now
Pro VPS - KVM100 GB3 GB1Gbps1000 MB1Optionalunixwindows35 $Order Now
Plan 130 GB1 GB1Gbps4000 MB1Optionalunixwindows15 $Order Now
Plan 2 40 GB2 GB1Gbps5000 MB1Optionalunixwindows25 $Contact us
Plan 350 GB3 GB1Gbps6000 MB1Optionalunixwindows35 $Contact us
Plan 460 GB4 GB1Gbps7000 MB1Optionalunixwindows45 $Contact us
Plan 570 GB5 GB1Gbps8000 MB1 Optionalunixwindows55 $Contact us