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USA Dedicated Servers

When your web site grows, you will need a VPS. When the site outgrows the VPS, you will require a USA Dedicated Servers. With your own dedicated server, you are in total control of how you operate the server. You can choose the operating system, applications etc., choose to add more ram, more hard disk space and so forth! We provide full management services for all our dedicated server customers free of charge.

Our Dedicated Servers are connected to our redundant premium TIER II network for better connectivity and low latency, Our Backup Power Generators provides each server 100% uptime if datacenter face power problem.

 Server PlansModleSpaceRamPortTrafficIPv4O.SControl PanelP/M Price 
xeonDedicated Server lllHP Proliant 2 X L54202 TB16 GB1Gbps10 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows90 $Order Now
xeonDedicated Server – 36GBDell 2xL5520 2x1TB SATA 36 GB1Gbps10 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows120 $Order Now
xeonDedicated server – 48GBHP DL180G6 2XE56202X2TB RTO48 GB1Gbps10 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows150 $Order Now
Server PlansModelSpaceRamPortTrafficIPv4O.SControl PanelP/M Price 
Hybrid Servers 1E3-1240v3 CPU100 GB SSD8 GB1Gbps10 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows45 $Order Now
Hybrid Servers 1 – SSD ServerE3-1240v3 CPU200 GB SSD16 GB1Gbps10 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows75 $Order Now
 Server PlansSpaceRamPortTrafficIPv4O.SControl PanelP/M Price 
amd-iconOrder-AMD – 4 Cores / 4 threads
Quadcore 3Ghz
2 TB SATA16GB DDR31Gbps30 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows40 $Order Now
amd-iconAMD 6core Preconfigured 2.7Ghz2x1TB SATA 16GB DDR31Gbps30 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows50 $Order Now
opteronAMD Octacore 8 Cores / 8 threads
3.1Ghz / 3.4Ghz Turbo
4 TB SATA32 GB DDR31Gbps30 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows75 $Order Now
xeonDual Intel Xeon 5420 2.5Ghz
2 processors 8 Cores / 8 Threads
2 TB SATA16GB DDR2 ECC1Gbps30 TB5 IpsOptionalunixwindows60 $Order Now
xeonDual Intel Xeon 5420 240 SSD240 SSD16 GB DDR21Gbps30 TB5 IpsOptionsunixwindows60 $Order Now
 Server PlansModelSpaceRamPortTrafficIPv4O.SDDos ProtectedControl PanelSetupP/M Price 
xeonIntel Xeon L5520 x
2 – 24 GB
L5520 x 21 TB24 GB1Gbps10 TB5 IpsOptionalYesunixwindows24/48 H95 $Order Now
xeonIntel Xeon X5570 –
96 GB
Intel Xeon X5570 x 21 TB96 GB1Gbps10 TB5 IpsOptionalYesunixwindowsUp to 7 working160 $Order Now
xeonIntel Xeon
E3-1231v3 – 8 GB
Intel Xeon E3-1231v31 TB8 GB1Gbps10 TB5 IpsOptionalYesunixwindowsUp to 7 working175 $Order Now
xeonlntel Xeon L5520 –
8 GB
2 x Intel Xeon L55201 TB72 GB1Gbps10 Tb5 IpsOptionalYesunixwindowsUp to 7 working160 $Order Now

Supporting Operating Systems